Monday, 19 February 2018

Monday Marathon Training Update!

It's Heritage Day here in Nova Scotia which means I have the day off!!!!! (I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to get some extra rest).

Lola says she's pretty happy about her extra long walk this morning too. <3

It's getting dark later now, which is completely awesome! I however, still don't usually get out until dark because I always get Lola's fitness in after work first. Her fitness is pretty much a walk around the subdivision and lots of begging for food, lol.

We've been so lucky this winter with the weather!!! There have been very few runs so far where ice/snow, etc. have interfered with training.

I got NEW SHOES!!!!!!!! Thank you Mizuno!
They are Wave Rider 21s like my last pair but in a different colour, which is very cool!

We had another Jog and Joe last weekend in Clayton Park and the route was basically down and then up a mountain...slight exaggeration, but it was tough!

Our long run Squad keeps growing! Rachael is also training for Boston and lives super close by so she has joined Marg, Stacey and I on a few long runs.

I got so many nice goodies from Tiux!!!!! I can't wait until it's shorts weather so I can sport my new socks!
 Lola loves the toque, LOL!

Speed work is still tough, but we get it done!

My Garmin goes a million shades of crazy inside the Canada Games Centre even when the gps is off so my pace is NEVER accurate, sigh.

Lindsay's husband came by and snapped some cool shots last week (Valentine's Day) of our suffer fest provided by Coach Ian.

Thank goodness Matt and I celebrated again with Heart-Shaped pizza from Boston Pizza.

Okay, was our 100th day of school on Friday and this has nothing to do with training, but my students and I dressed up like we were 100 years old and it was soooooo fun!

I ordered two pairs of the Dino Shades from goodr and I LOVE them!
They are only $25!!!

I have to tell you that I finally made the Sweet Potato Breakfast cookies from my Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook at Christine's recommendation and they are so good! You should definitely get this book if you haven't already.

Marg and I headed out super duper early yesterday morning to get in our long run before Sam's baby shower and it started out great! Then as the snow got deeper the paces got slower and the miles got tougher!

We took total advantage of the trail while it was still in good running condition even though we were the only ones on it so early! I think Marg was a little spooked for animals, lol.

By the time we were almost done we looked like this:

My legs and hips are incredibly sore today! 

I closed out this past week with 54.7 miles (88.1 km) and I'm so happy with how my body is holding up. Jeff continues to remind me how important maintenance is! 

How is training going for you? 
Can you believe Boston is only 8 weeks away?!??!

Thanks for checking in!

Happy running,

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Some Saturday Stuff!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!!

I have been loving my weekends lately. Training for a marathon and teaching first graders full time is just plain exhausting so I love having nothing to do on Saturdays and Sundays! Today is one of those freeze-your-face-off days where staying cozy inside is certainly appealing. :)

This week was a scale back week in training and I was very grateful. I enjoy ramping up the mileage don't get me wrong, but there are times when I also enjoy a little break. ;)

On Tuesday we had a snow day! It was so nice to have the day off but the conditions outside were deplorable! Snow, ice, freezing pellets and wind. The weather did calm down a bit in the evening and I strapped on my Yak Trax for a run. Other than a couple of cars I saw no one. I was so impressed at the great footing the spikes gave me. I literally only use them once or twice a year but when I do I am reminded at what a good investment they were!

 Winter came back, AGAIN so Lola has been sporting her sweater and loves it just as much...NOT! lol.

I scoured every inch of the Boston expo last year for one of these Momentum Boston wraps and came up empty handed. :( This year I decided to order one as my one month Boston Yes, it's a word, maybe???

With the icy streets I was glad that we had our bi-weekly speed session at the Canada Games Centre this past Wednesday with Coach Ian and the BLT Runners.

My Garmin was nutso and kept stopping/pausing and just plain being cranky. It did give me this at the end but it was no where near what Stacey and Marg ended up with so I just deleted it and copied their data since we ran together!

Apparently it was "Blue" night. Maybe for our Valentine's day session we can all wear Pink and Red!!!

Speaking of Valentine's Day I sent Matt this Giordanos screen shot and drooled uncontrollably.

Oh, and yesterday was Groundhog Day! As I'm sure you're aware. My class was so excited lol. We changed our light up sign and watched Shubenacadie Sam on the live feed.
 Apparently we are in for an early Spring? Yeah, we'll see Sam!

Matt and I got our Chicago Marathon Race Results books! It took me an embarrassingly long time to find my name even though I knew my net time to the second---the reason being I was looking in the Males section! LOL.

 This morning's run was so COLD!!!

It took me longer to get dressed and prepped than it did to run the 5 miles and 8 strides, no joke.

And I'm off...

 Lola says, "Hi." <3

How was your week in training???

Thanks for visiting guys!

Happy running,
Heather :)

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Training Favourites!

Hi there!

With the Boston Marathon only 75 days away training is in full swing.

Basically for a full month I've been loosely following the plan I used last winter from Project PB (the one I had to practically ditch when I got bronchitis and it's lingering side effects). Things are going well (fingers crossed), especially considering my ongoing recovery/maintenance of my IT band injury that I encountered in November.

During marathon training a lot of things start to happen mentally, physiologically and with day to day life. I realize this sounds obvious to you but I seriously sort of forget to what extent these things happen. Here's what I mean:

The Food!!! The Hunger!!!
I. Just. Can't. Stop. Eating.
In all honesty refuelling is likely my favourite part of training. I even get hungry on long runs, lol just ask Stacey and Marg!
Maple Pancakes post long run. :D
This past Sunday's long run recovery with Erin:
Chicken and Waffles at Edible Matters!!!!!
There may or may not have been leftover Skittles in my classroom from a science experiment that I devoured. #noshame

Making up missed training runs...on a Friday night!
This can happen often if you live where I live because of slippery road conditions. Recently I switched around training days and was excited to get out the door on a Friday night just to make it up. Marathoners are crazy about those 'missed' runs.
Seriously who gets this excited to check a run off on the calendar???

Creating a routine with friends!
Consistency is clearly important during the marathon base build. Well if there's one thing that's routine like with me, it's connecting with Stacey and Marg each week about our plans for the infamous Sunday long run. We talk weather, routes, timing, etc. and now it's just a part of our routine. Having training partners is super awesome to spark your motivation to get out the door when it's freezing out.

Getting new training gear!
It is amazing to me how quickly things get worn out and are no longer suitable for training runs, (i.e. sneakers, socks ---oh the socks! etc.). I get very excited when new gear arrives in the mailbox! I was so pumped about my new Boston hat from Gone for a Run and I love wearing it!!!!

I'm also really psyched about these Peaks tiux compression socks that are arriving very soon!!!! You can use my discount code at checkout HEATHERLCTIUX to get a discount on your very own pair! You can now also receive a free hat with the code PEAKS at checkcout!!!!!!

 Maintenance and Recovery!
I'm sure it's quite normal to have your heating pad, foam roller, yoga mat and rubber tubing in very specific spots of your living room for daily use, right? 

I actually keep these things out all the time when marathon training because if I tuck them away, I'm definitely not going to go through any effort whatsoever to look for any of these tools LOL. Especially not the foam roller! ;)

Rest days!
When I am sick or injured and cannot run, taking a day off is a little sad sometimes. Well when you are pounding out miles like there's no tomorrow a Rest Day sounds pretty glorious to me. Matt and I were talking about this yesterday. We love taking Mondays off after a strenuous long run and I fully embellish in it. :D

What sort of things do you enjoy about marathon training? 

Thanks for checking in guys! Have a wonderful day!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Friday, 19 January 2018

Friday 5!

Well hello everyone and hello Boston Marathon training!

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd better get back in the blogging groove. :)

Here's a Friday 5 post to get things going:

1. Winter has officially arrived on the East Coast! For a while we were facing arctic temperatures without ANY snow whatsoever and then like that, BAM...snow snow snow! Okay realistically not that much, but any amount that prevents me from running on the trail is too much.

The below photo was from the above mentioned arctic winter without snow but look at those lashes!!! LOL.

2. Long runs with friends!!! Stacey and Marg will be my rocks in getting through another winter in Nova Scotia training for the Boston Marathon. <3 Our long runs are a zillion times better than running solo.
It will also be nice to train chat with Matt as well this  year since we are BOTH training for Boston...we haven't done that since my first Boston in 2013!!!

3. Getting in some solid speed work!
Coach Ian guides the BLT Runners through some speed sessions at the Canada Games Centre Track every second Wednesday. It's a real motivation to get those feet going when outside conditions are less than ideal. It feels weird though to wear shorts and a tank in the winter, especially without a tan!

Oh you know, just showing up to run fast wearing the EXACT same shorts without planning it! (Marg and I!), LOL.

4. Jog & Joe IN SHORTS ON JANUARY 13! What's up Mother Nature??? It was a windy wild and wacky Jog and Joe at 12 degrees Celsius last Saturday when we headed to downtown Halifax for our J & J! It was so bizarre! Forget the fact that the wind nearly took Marg's and my hats several times, we were running in shorts in JANUARY!

Coffee and a cheese scone....mmm!

Craig and Dave ran faster trying to make an epic photo bomb than they did on their actual run! ;)

5. And Lola pics just because... <3

There's no snow bank she can't conquer! Haha!

Thanks so much for following along the adventures of Girl Goes Running and have a beautiful weekend!

Happy Running,
Heather :)