Sunday, 24 September 2017

Another Week Another RUNdown!!!!

Sundays have such a different feel now that the school year is back in full swing! I find myself scrambling post long run to get all the things done that I need before the work week begins. Anyone else feel that way?

After racing/running all last weekend I found myself feeling exhausted all week. But I accepted it as a sacrifice for my shiny new 5k PB. ;)

Here's how it went:

Monday: REST day! And nothing eventful to report lol.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are for Tacos and 9 mile runs, apparently.

9 miles at 8:46 pace. Look how dark it gets now at 8:00!!!!

Wednesday: Hehehehe....Lola hates the raincoat and the rain but I managed to snap this quick photo on our morning walk.

I was delighted to see only 4 miles on the plan for Wednesday!!!!!!! It was like a tapering present!

Thursday: On Thursday my school had curriculum night so I switched Thursday's training run with Friday. I know I know...the last time I did this it sucked but I had no choice!
 Sorry it's sideways!

P.S. I now teach dangerously close to the Bike and Bean!!!!!! Hence the Thursday lunch scone...

Who doesn't love Fridays?!

Friday's run: 3 miles easy, 3 miles at tempo-ish pace (7:13) and 2 miles warming down for 8 miles total. Yep-tired.

Saturday: On Saturday morning this popped up on my facebook memories!!! It's my acceptance for the FIRST ever Boston Marathon I ran. I thought that was so cool!

Lola had a haircut on Saturday so I headed out for my easy HUMID 10k run after I picked her up. I got spooked by Tom and Marg on their bikes lol and ran with them for a few minutes. After the 5k turn around point on the trail I headed home.
Don't worry, those stairs to the left are stained now! LOL

Haircuts are exhausting.

Sunday: 15 mile long run and I LOVE that 15 was the distance as opposed to 20-22 miles today!!! My goodness, it's Fall and the air feels like Summer.

This is a deer that I saw at the 10 mile mark!!!! Him and I had a bit of a stare down before a group of cyclists scared him into the woods. This was the best photo I could get with my phone. It was so cool!

Weekly total: 42.3 miles
68.1 km

Thanks again for following along in my training journey as I attempt another marathon! 2 weeks will fly by I just know it!!!
Do you get exhausted the days following a race???
Are you or someone you know running Chicago?

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Monday, 18 September 2017

GGR Weekly RUNdown!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

After a weekend filled with running and racing I'm gladly accepting this rest day....aaaahhhh!

I hope you had a terrific weekend and that your Monday is great. :)

Here's a look at how my week in training for the Chicago Marathon went last week:

Monday: The first Monday of the school I survived but my feet were sore! I blame my teacher shoes. Jeff blames my Birkenstocks. So I tried to wear comfy shoes all week...
what am I doing with my face??? LOL
Tuesday: I was so pumped to get my Tuesday Medium Long Run over with!!! It was my last super duper long run on a Tuesday...11 MILES! :0 I ran at an average of 8:35 pace along the trail and Matt and I celebrated with Taco cheers!

Wednesday: Wednesday was our school Ice Cream Social so I had to gun it home after school and squeeze in my easy 6 miles + 6 strides! What a busy day!

Thursday: REST Day because I was racing the Friday night 5k but I did have a session of physio with Jeff and he so graciously needled my calves on race eve! The nerve, lol. Just kidding-it totally made my legs feel like a whole new set!
I also woke up with a head cold that day. :( What would marathon training in September be without my annual bout of "won't go away cold virus???"

Friday: Maritime Race Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! You can read all about my 5k PB here! But spoiler alert: I had a head cold, was exhausted, but still got a shiny new PB by 25 seconds off of last year! I was delighted and exhausted. 20:32!

Lola and Matt are my cheer squad. <3

Saturday: Marg and I ran the inferno of a Tidal Trail 15k and it was HOT HOT HOT & HUMID! You can read all about it here! It was gorgeous, flat and fun but boy was I warm. 1:13:48 for the 15k.

Sunday: I had no idea what to do when I woke up because doing a long run after so much racing just seemed crazy! So I puttered around in my running gear doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. until 1:00 and then I headed out for a SLOW and EASY long run on the rails to trails. It felt good to get the legs moving actually. I covered 19 miles (my plan said 21 but I definitely did not do that) at 8:58 pace. I even ran along a race-themed birthday party in Lake of the woods!
They had pylons set out as a part of a running obstacle course. So fun!
 It's okay to be jealous of our trail. ;)

Weekly miles: 52.3
                        84.3 km.

Taper starts now!

Thanks again guys, I really love when you visit the GGR Blog space. :)

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Maritime Race Weekend Tidal Trail 15k!

Oh my goodness! This weekend was FILLED with running! I can't believe it's almost Monday again! ;)

So yesterday I took part in the first ever Tidal Trail 15k put on by Michelle of Maritime Race Weekend. I was really excited to try it out because it was held on the Salt Marsh Trail which is a trail I've NEVER run on in my life!

Saturday was super hot! I kept thinking of all the runners taking part in morning events and our 15k race wouldn't start until 4:00 p.m. I liked that part because I got to sleep in a bit after racing hard at the 5k the night before. 

Flat Heather was laid out for race #2 of the weekend!

I headed over to pick up Marg and we headed off with some handy directions from Tom!

The pre-race gathering area.

Oh boy, it was hot and humid!

I liked the colour-coded bib system this year! It's like corrals at the big marathons and lines the runners up based on pace. Michelle called us down to the start area by colour and then we were off!

I borrowed this one from Atlantic Chip...thanks!
 Marg and I ran the first two miles super fast lol but to be fair it was easily done with the downhill. then we quickly realized that this pace would not be doable on such a hot day and toned it down. After that the trail was totally flat. I kept commenting on how beautiful the trail was! I REALLY wish I took photos along the route. There are parts where there is water on both sides and it's super cool! When I saw water I was hoping for a cool breeze but it never came. :(

It became tricky for Marg and I to run side by side because of the trail. I tried to run in the tire ruts because there were some larger rocks in the gravel that I wanted to avoid.

I began walking the water stops and pouring water all over. It was so When I reached 11k I decided that I just wanted this to be done! I saw some fast and fit runners stopping and walking so I just tried to keep a steady pace without killing myself.

My legs surprisingly weren't too bad considering the 5k the night before. This made me happy.

At 13k I saw a SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MC was running slightly behind me and at the finish she told me she heard me shriek! LOL.

I thought, "leave it to me to be alone in the trail and a snake appears!" It was pure motivation to run

Finishing was super cool! There was a girl just behind me but I had the finish line to myself when I crossed. I saw the photographer and tried not to look like death. ;)

Because we did the twosome we got a medal for the 5k, a medal for the 15k and a medal for the twosome! MRW does bling right! 

And post-race food!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO CUPCAKES! A visually impaired runner married her Guide at the finish line so cupcakes were a part of the celebration. <3

Dreams do come true. Just keep believing! ;)

9.3 miles

Because our race started late afternoon I missed seeing Matt and my running friends race in the morning events. :( You'll be glad to hear so many of them did amazing and got huge PBs!

HUGE thanks to Mizuno and tiux for decking me out in top of the line gear!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to ALL the runners who raced this weekend and congrats to Michelle for pulling off another stellar event! See you next year!

Thanks for stopping by to hear my racing rambles. Have a great day!!!
How was your weekend of running???
Ever race a super hot race?

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Maritime Race Weekend Sunset 5k!!!

Yay it's the weekend!!!!!!!

I was completely exhausted this week trying to keep up with my first graders, fight a head cold and train. Yeah, this back to teaching business isn't easy, lol.

Last night I decided that I'd still take part in the Sunset 5k at Maritime Races because I love the event and the virus was in my head which meant I was still able to run.

Marg and Tom picked me up and we headed over to Eastern Passage during rush hour traffic. Tom's driving got us here on time with excellent parking though. :)

We took our "Before" shot of course...

I didn't have very high expectations with beating my last year time (20:57) because I was so tired! 

Marg and I headed out for a short 4km warm up and we were sweating with the humidity! I kept hoping the sun would hurry up and set! lol. 

I love that the race kit has tattoos!!!!!

At the horn we were off and 2000 runners stormed the streets of Eastern Passage!

Michelle definitely outdid herself this year in race planning! There were musicians on the race route playing the fiddle and a whole ton of motivational signs! I just loved it. Another thing about this race that I enjoy is that it's an out and back so you get to see a lot of runners as you make the turn. It's pretty motivating when you hear your name being called by friends. I tried to give as many thumbs up as I could but I was getting so tired and fighting to stay on pace....which I did too fast at the start lol --> Hello 6:20 first mile!

I kept chugging along and visualized all the speed workouts I'd done. Some of them with Stacey where I felt like I left it all out on the trail and that really helped me get through the tough part at the end, especially the last km.

Somehow I kept it sub 7 for the entire 3.1 mile course and finished with a 25 second PB off of last year's race with a 20:32! I was stunned and exhausted.
Thanks Bruce Nelson for capturing me in all my glory lol. ;) 
4:06 pace/km
6:36 pace/mile
A new PB!

Our medals light up!!!!

Lola and Matt always come to cheer on the runners. <3

All my BLT runner pals did amazing too!!!! Thanks Annette for the photo!

And big congrats to Matt who ran the 10km this morning in 36:41!!!! 

This afternoon Marg and I are heading over to do the Tidal Trail 15k. No racing plans, lol just a steady run together. 

Thanks for checking in and congratulations to all the runners!
Did you run any events at MRW???

Happy Running,
Heather :)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

GGR Weekly RUNdown: The One Where I Went Back to School!

Happy Sunday RUNday!

Congrats to all my running friends who ran races this weekend!!! The Fall Racing Season has begun! This coming Friday will be the Maritime Race Weekend 5k that starts a whole weekend of racing. I'll be doing the Sunset 5k this year and the Tidal Trail 15k. Are you racing any of the MRW events?

Here's a look at what my week of training and heading back to school looked like:

Monday: Rest day but I did do a lot of things around the house on my last day off of Summer Vacation.

Tuesday: 11 miles after an organizational day at school. This run felt long and I think it was because I was running in the evening and not the morning as I'd become used to on my many days off of work.

Wednesday: 5 easy miles at 8:40 pace after a full day of PD and getting ready for the little ones to arrive the next day!

Thursday: Okay so this was my first day with the new little grade ones and it was busy! First off it was like tropical weather out and the heavy rains created a completely indoor day and for six year olds being used to Summer vacation this was interesting! LOL. I was so tired after school I decided to switch my rest day (Friday) with speed work (Thursday). Yeah, not such a great idea but we'll get to that later.

Friday: A much smoother day at school meant I'd try my speed work after school. It was tough but I got it done! 4 mile warm up, 5 x 1km at VO2 max with 3 minutes rest in between and a 2 mile cool down. I was toast when I finished!

Saturday: A very slow paced 6 miles since speed work sucked all the juice out of my legs the evening before.
 I have to laugh at my crazy hair LOL!  Lola will take any opportunity for a photo.

After the run I got a haircut!

Sunday: Oh my goodness, 22 miles. Yeah. That was long.

I was so thankful Marg agreed to run most of it with me! I headed out 45 minutes earlier to get in an extra 5 miles before we met (because her long run was shorter and I hate running alone after my running buds are done....the worst!). We ran the trail and I thought it was quite humid. I dressed for rain showers as the weather app implied there would be but it was just warm bright sticky sun. 22 miles at 8:41 pace.
I am becoming a pro at hydration!
Beet/berry/spinach smoothie

Week total: 53.4 miles (86km)

And LOOK!!!!! Only 4 weeks until the Chicago marathon!!!!!!!! 

Thank you to all the GGR readers and I love when you stop by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)